Isn't AAA better than AA?

AAA batteries

I often get asked if I make triple-A (AAA) compliant websites.

I say no. I scribble that off the RFP.

My project manager looks sad and says that I should and we'll lose the pitch or something if it's not WCAG2.0-AAA rated.

I want to explain why AAA is a myth. Just because we can and should be trying for AA ratings, and just because the concept of AAA exists doesn't mean we can begin to promise to live up to that.

To very roughly sum up,


Web Accessibility Initiative - WAI

The Web Accessibility Initiative homepage, as at 2010
The Web Accessability Initiative (WAI) from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is ground zero for accessibility guidelines and resources on the web. There you will find the current working drafts, recommendations and guides outlining best-practices on the web today.
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