Automated testing tool from the W3C

The LogValidator is a free, open administrator utility you can run on your own site.

It's written in Perl and distributed by CPAN, this means it can be placed on pretty much any platform. Installation instructions for Log Validator are straightforward for any Sysadmin.

Instead of a one-off site scan, this tool is set to run scheduled, regular tests of your sites health, and notify you of problems as they are created, as reports, or by email.

Historical New Zealand Government Net Standards initiatives

The history of guidelines for internet publishing by Government departments has been an unsteady one.

Since the shift of this responsibility (and many of the staff) from The State Services Commission over to Department of Internal Affairs, a number of working groups, documents, and online resources are now dated or of fragmented use.

Nevertheless, here are some potentially-useful resources collected that document the history of Web-Government related things.
Do not be surprised if various of these link get archived or disappear in the future.

Accessibility With Drupal

At, the Drupal Content Management System is the CMS of choice, due to its power & flexibility, support for Web Standards, and track record with accessibility features and improvements.

WebAIM - Web Accessibility In Mind

WebAIM logo

WebAIM is an online resource collecting many useful tools and articles for anyone needing to consider accessibility. Their list of accessibility articles is especially good, and provides both introductory material, and solid technical HOWTOs on meeting the standards and testing.

Web Accessibility Initiative - WAI

The Web Accessibility Initiative homepage, as at 2010
The Web Accessability Initiative (WAI) from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is ground zero for accessibility guidelines and resources on the web. There you will find the current working drafts, recommendations and guides outlining best-practices on the web today.


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