is about assisting New Zealand service providers with compliance to national and international standards of publication on the internet.

Work done on one website, utility components and common configuration patterns can now be distributed and shared to other sites. The methodology is called "Features" (which is a little bit too basic when talking about it in conversation ... but it is at least descriptive).

Using Drupal Aegir to deploy NZ Government websites efficiently

My job for more than the last decade has been making websites - mostly for New Zealand Government departments. And I'm always working on ways to make that job easier. Or better.

New Zealand Government websites could get more centralized

We have solved most of the challenges in getting mid-level government agency websites up and out and running. Why do we spend so much time re-inventing them each time? The answer? We need LESS choice in the marketplace! It could benefit both the organization and the supplier.

Using Drupal to follow the NZGLS Metadata Standard

It seems that not a lot of government departments are aware, but several years ago, the e-Government Interoperability Framework Programme (e-GIF) produced some mandatory requirements, rules that legally must be followed by departments publishing data on the web.

Accessibility can be hazardous

Thanks to THE CHIVE for todays giggle.

Weasel words : "Intuative"

RFPs, Requirements documents and even Project specifications occasionally come into my inbox with loaded phrases that always cause me concern.

"Easy-to-use", and "Intuitive" are warning signs, and I always try to rephrase them down into something more specific.

I *know* what the writer is asking for. The problem is that at the time of writing, they don't.

Isn't AAA better than AA?

AAA batteries

I often get asked if I make triple-A (AAA) compliant websites.

I say no. I scribble that off the RFP.

My project manager looks sad and says that I should and we'll lose the pitch or something if it's not WCAG2.0-AAA rated.

I want to explain why AAA is a myth. Just because we can and should be trying for AA ratings, and just because the concept of AAA exists doesn't mean we can begin to promise to live up to that.

To very roughly sum up,


Accessibilty/Usability nightmare - elevator panel

The all-in-one validator from the W3C - Unicorn

Any webmaster worth their title already knows about the W3C Markup Validation service. They may even occassionally use the CSS validation also (though the results from that can be depressing).

The new tool on the scene is Unicorn - a tool that incorporates all the relevant W3C test tools into one report. It was announced in July 2010


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